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We want to help you get the most out of technology. Whether that’s helping you craft your strategy,  helping you understand how you might better utilize what you already have, recommending the best technology to meet your specific business objectives,  or building an application for you on our platform. 

How we can help

Technology Strategy

Not sure how you can successfully deploy technology to solve problems? Need to kickstart innovation initiatives? We can help.

SaaS Applications

Check out loglink, our platform that allows you to connect and communicate with all your supply chain partners on a single platform, as well as our QuickStart apps that can deliver immediate business value, no development required!

Data Science

From data collection through business intelligence and predictive analytics, we're ready to help you make better decisions and uncover new insights through your data.

Custom Development

Need a specific integration built, or a new user interface to interact with one? Let us know!

Why Work with us?

Industry Expertise

We hire transportation & transportation software experts so that we start out of the gate with an understanding of the challenges you face and can help you solve those challenges for your unique business.

Commitment to Value

We will deliver a product or project that adds value for your business. We will help you set the right priorities to meet your business objectives and determine what technology might be most appropriate; the most expensive software or one that covers your buzzword bingo card isn’t always the right choice.


We’ll tell you up front if a project is a good fit for us. We want our businesses to succeed together; if a project isn’t right for us, we won’t take it on. We pride ourselves on transparency and a genuine desire to help you create something amazing. 

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