Our Services

Our mission is to make transportation management more efficient through technology


Determine the most effective use of technology for your business.

  • Internal efficiency – how to get the most from your team
  • Innovation – how to carve out new service offerings and delight customers 
  • Technology review – what services or technologies are you making use of today, and what else is available to you that might make sense for your business? Should you build or buy?

SaaS application

Connect all your tech without coding

Our SaaS application, Loglink, can help you connect technologies (whether that’s your TMS, internal tools, external services, EDI, etc.) and communicate with your supply chain partners from a single platform, all without writing code. Our Quickstart applications also allow you to solve business problems with configured integrations that work out of the box. For instance, maybe you’d like to send automated email notifications to your customers when an order changes status. Best of all? If you change providers, you don’t need to rewrite new integrations – just change the setup within loglink

Data Science

Measure and get new insights from the data you already collect

Hosted and accessible data warehouse

  • We can take your TMS data, configure and maintain your data warehouse
  • We can provide access to end user tools and dashboards to manage your business effectively 
  • We can help you use your data to uncover new insights

Custom Development

Create something unique to you

Have a great idea, or just not finding the right tool for your business requirements?

We can develop new user interfaces to allow you to connect your existing tools and processes together. 

let us help you succeed